Achieve Success with Feng Shui in Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where you spend a lot of your time to rest and calm down after working all day. Make your bedroom comfortable and can bring success by applying the principles of Feng Shui in your bedroom.

Feng Shui can be applied in any room, but the most effective is to use it in your home. In the bedroom, Feng Shui is useful to replace the ugly energy in the place. Set aside some time to rearrange your bedroom with some basic simple Feng Shui to refresh your soul.

To create harmony in your bedroom, start by drawing your bedroom in a box shape and divide it into nine equal small squares. The bottom of the box is the place where there is your bedroom entrance. The bottom begins with “knowledge-career-helpful people / travel”, the second or middle part begins with “family / health-Tao / center-creativity / children“. The top section contains “Prosperity-reputation-relationship / romance“. Your image will look like the example above.

Now that you’ve drawn and divided your bedroom, you can fill the space accessories according to the words written earlier. You can improve the quality of your bedroom and achieve success by following this Feng Shui principle.

The ‘knowledge’ area is where to place bookshelves, books, writing desks, and everything related to the knowledge there.

The ‘career’ area can be represented by providing water-related accessories such as a small aquarium. In Chinese, the word fish (yu) is the same as the word success. Other options You can use mirrors, images, or photos that can inspire you to achieve your goals.

Area ‘helpful people/travel’ fill with family pictures or people who have been instrumental in your life.

The ‘family/health’ area can be demonstrated by giving family generations, valuables in your family, or family photos, and a vase of flowers or small plant pots.

The ‘creativity/children‘ area fills with your art and personal items.

The areas of “prosperity” filled with everything related to various symbols of prosperity such as jewelry, fish, gifts, gold, purple, red and money.

The ‘reputation’ areas filled with the various awards you’ve achieved, certificates, orange, purple, red or plant and candle items.

The ‘relationship/romance‘ area is the place to put everything related to your dear ones. All are pink, photographs, items that are two like candles or mirrors.