Bedroom Interior Design Suits Your Personality

A bedroom should be the most comfortable place in your home because 1/3 of your life is spent in the bedroom to sleep. How to make your bedroom interior design comfortable and still beautiful to look at but still by your personality? The only person who will enjoy the bedroom is your own. So make your bedroom interior design according to your personality. Here are some tips to make your bedroom interior design comfortable and of course by your character.

Wall paint

The first thing that most affect the atmosphere in the bedroom is the paint color of the walls. Do you include “morning person” who like to wake up in the morning to move or “evening person” who like the atmosphere of the night? If you include the evening person, then the color of the wall paint that suits you is warm shades of brown, blue, and green are known for its soothing effect. Choose colors that are monochrome or colorful. For example select the color variations between dark brown to light brown.

If you are the type of morning person, then the color you need is a bright and bright color. You will feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning and see bright colors like yellow and red. But remember, do not just choose a color that is too bright. Combine it with a neutral color like white to stifle some of the striking colors.


Divide the color you have chosen into three parts. 60% dominant color, 30% second color, and 10% color to three. The dominant color will be the color of your wall paint, the second color will be the color used on your bedding, and the last will be the color of the accessories in your bedroom, such as the desk lamp or picture frame.


Clean your room with things that do not matter. Make the objects that are in the bedroom used to the maximum in your bedroom. For example, TV, if you often have trouble sleeping at night, you should avoid putting a TV in the bedroom. TV in the bedroom resulted in you being tense so do not want to relax and sleepy. If you still want a TV in the bedroom should put the TV a bit hidden and not too flashy.

Rearrange your furniture

Move the furniture layout in your room. The easiest way to get a fresh feeling in your bedroom. This fresh and new feeling that will lead you to sleep more soundly with a comfortable feeling.

With some of the above changes, your bedroom will look different and undoubtedly comfortable because it is by your wishes. Happy to be creative and dont forget to visit our reference musikji !