Changing the View of Home Without Cost

Rearrange your home design! This road is the easiest way to get a new look for your home without spending a dime. Rearrange the placement of furniture to get a new look and make the room look not only attractive but functioning as needed.

First, determine the function of the room itself. Before arranging and entering furniture first define what the purpose of the room. A beautiful but too formal family room will not be comfortably occupied. That means the room has lost its function. If for the family room, make it as comfortable as possible for a place to gather while relaxing with beloved family.

Place the first large furniture. Usually, this furniture will be the primary points that explain the function of the room, bed for the room, sofa for the family room for example.

Add complementary furniture

Bedside next to the bed, tv in front of the sofa, add a complimentary furniture that has a relationship with the main furniture of the room. Different sizes of furniture can add variety to the room. Too many lines can cause boredom, too much hard furniture can make an uncomfortable appearance.

Note also the surface of the furniture, a too much shiny surface can create chaos in the whole space. Too many things made of steel and stainless steel can make the room look cool, vary by adding a few warm elements such as wood.

Finally, add space accessories that can also double. Add also different colors with the dominant color of your room. Give personal touches like your favorite colors on sofa cushions, your paintings in the living room, and so on.

Look and consider again!

Now, once all the furniture is in place, sit back and look back, imagine you’re on the move in that room. Is it comfortable? Will the cabinet be opened? Is the TV clearly visible from the sofa? Can both sides of the bed be accessible? If everything is settled, then congratulations you’ve got a new look for your home!