Financial Crisis Coming? Here’s a Powerful Tips to Recover it

Financial crisis? Who has never experienced it? It seems that everyone who lives on earth feels the same, including the rich. The financial crisis normally experienced by the average person occurs towards the end of the month.

No wonder if not a few who felt near the end of the month before the payday. Who usually eat salad in Senayan if at the end of the month to eat gado-gado in the cafeteria the employees had delicious taste.

The financial crisis does look very sad. If it is not smart to manage income per month, you have finished your history.

The reason, all salary received did not know run out to anywhere. This would be a big disaster especially for those of you who have started married life.

In order to avoid financial related fights, you need to know specific tips for solving financial problems.

You as a wise person do not want to linger in life in a financial crisis. From now on, let’s change! This is for the welfare of life today and in the future.

Try to apply some steps below to improve financial conditions and be resistant to the crisis.

1. Create a Priority Need List Starting from the Need for Eating and Drinking

The first step you need to do is create a priority list. This list contains what you will need for a month. With the list of priorities, the financial condition can be controlled.

Within a month, try to buy only what items have been listed in the priority list. Do not let anyone stray.

Resist the desire to buy unneeded items. Remember, you already have a list of priorities and obey the list that has been made until the financial condition is fully restored.

2.Ada Discount Create Priority Needs, Do not Waste it

Shopping do not come from shopping. Note also the discount shown. In every shopping center or supermarket or online marketplace, there are discounts given to customers.

The amount of discount given also varies according to the shop visited. Most discounts usually occur before the big days, such as Eid.

In addition to taking advantage of discount shopping items, do not forget also to take advantage of discounts offered when eating at the cafe or restaurant.

To attract the consumer, not a few cafes and restaurants that work with banks in terms of providing discounts by using credit cards. Make sure the credit card you are using includes a discount.

3. Shop for Minimal-Minimum, Save the Save

Shopping hobby can happen to anyone. Both men and women, both love to shop. Especially if there is a massive discount.

It’s like to buy all the groceries that are sold at a discount. However, what money is not enough.

For you shopaholic, try to reduce this shopping habits. Because this only makes you entangled in the financial crisis.

It’s OK to shop, but see needs. Buy things that really do not need what you want.

After that, think about whether the item will be used or not. After all, why buy stuff if the edges only become a display in the closet?

4.Function Cash Money As a Benchmark

To deal with the financial crisis, you need to check your wallet frequently. Wherever you go, get used to carrying cash. Do not spend too much on credit cards as this increases the appetite for increased spending.

If the money in the wallet is low, control lust. Do not let the money in the wallet go without a clear purpose even if only Rp 1,000.

Do not forget also to record all expenditures that occur, both large and small expenditure.

5. Discipline Is The Key Financial Conditions Can Be Okay

In the first step, it has been said to create a priority list. Again, try to focus on all the lists. You are the only person who can be disciplined on what has been made.

If you are easily tempted, try not to move too often from home. Rather than a list of ignored priorities and a financial crisis? Prefer which ones, stay at home or go have fun?

That’s five specific tips to restore the financial crisis so that later immune in case of crisis again.

You make the appetite increase, you are also able to overcome the shopping desire.

If not you who started it, who else? Hopefully the above tips can be useful for you. Hopefully the problem of financial crisis no longer blanket your life.