Make a Christmas Eve Party, It’s Tips on Apprenticing Dining Table

When celebrating Christmas Eve, we often only spend time with family and people nearby. Whether just chatting in the living room, or holding a dinner together.

Well, for those of you who this year want to hold a dinner at Christmas Eve, there’s no harm in following some of the following tips when decorating the table.

There are at least three tips are summarized that you can apply later:

1. Natural natural but still modern

Organizing the dining table in this way can give a classic, yet modern, Christmas impression. All you need is a linen napkin that is folded on a plain white plate.

Give the ornament in the form of leaves that you have formed on a napkin, and place a pair of forks, spoons and gold-colored knife on the right side of the left.

2. A simple gift

If you want to give a little surprise to the family, there’s nothing wrong if it’s done at the dinner table. Put the gift into a napkin, and tie it with a string or ribbon.

Not only simple, it can also provide beautiful and special memories for the people you care about.

3. White Christmas

You are lovers of everything that is classic? Use all sorts of your white tableware, from plates, bowls, cups, napkins, to placemats.

To give a little different touch, you can add a green leaf decoration on one corner.