Natural Ways to Get Rid of Scars

Is a feeling of lack of confidence when one part of our body has scars, especially the scar appears on the part seen by others (such as face, hands, feet, etc.). Wounds that leave scars usually occur as a result of being hit by a knife, falling, being hit by exhaust, etc. There is a natural way to treat or eliminate it, but not immediately and once the treatment is immediately cured (need a process).

I’ll try for my experience to get rid of the scars. Natural ways to get rid of these wounds are several ways, including:

Coconut Fruits Or Absorbs

Take the liquid that is still wet, then burn the liquid until it appears foam. The froth that appears is immediately applied to the scar. Perform routine (at least once a week) until healed or lost.

With Kapok Leaves

The leaves are ground until smooth. Then the result of the collision is applied to the part that has been stained due to the scar. Do it before showering, after a while wash the collision results that are still attached. Do routine every time you want to take a shower.

Various kinds of pulp

Prepare coconut pulp, coffee grounds, egg yolks. Mix together, then stir until smooth. Apply to the scars every time you want to sleep.

That is a natural way that can be used to eliminate or treat scar scars. Hopefully it will be a benefit for you. One thing that is certain is that each of us will achieve the goal and must go through a process, as well as eliminate the scars. It takes your process and perseverance. May be useful.

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