Treating Early Menopause Naturally

Menopause is a disease in women, which occurs in periods of 50-55 years (that’s normal), but sometimes women under the age of 50 have experienced it. Menopause is the permanent cessation of menstruation in women, this means the end of the reproductive period.

Things that can trigger the onset of early menopause include:

  • Age factor. It is undeniable that age is the main factor causing menopause.
  • Heredity factor. It can also be a factor causing menopause.
  • Often stressful. With frequent stress, the hormones produced by the body also decrease.
  • Consume alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Removal of the ovary.
  • Irregular sex or tend to be unnatural.

The symptoms that often appear are:

  • Comes to an irregular month
  • Endurance decreases
  • The level of sexuality also decreases
  • Cool body starts wrinkling
  • Excessive menstrual blood
  • Tired easily

To inhibit the process of menopause, among others:

  • Don’t consume alcohol and cigarettes
  • Reduce foods that have high fat content
  • Increase the consumption of foods that have vitamin E
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Regular exercise
  • His sexuality is maintained, but remains within normal limits.

As for those who have experienced menopause, it is recommended to treat by natural means below:

  • Provide banana stone leaves (stubby parts) or can be the hump part.
  • Grate the ingredients plus 1 cup of boiled water, then squeeze (take the water).
  • Add honey to taste. Then ready to drink.
  • Do it once a day.

So a little description of menopause for women. Hopefully you can take advantage of these simple descriptions.

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