Financial Crisis Coming? Here’s a Powerful Tips to Recover it

Financial crisis? Who has never experienced it? It seems that everyone who lives on earth feels the same, including the rich. The financial crisis normally experienced by the average person occurs towards the end of the month.

No wonder if not a few who felt near the end of the month before the payday. Who usually eat salad in Senayan if at the end of the month to eat gado-gado in the cafeteria the employees had delicious taste.

The financial crisis does look very sad. If it is not smart to manage income per month, you have finished your history.

The reason, all salary received did not know run out to anywhere. This would be a big disaster especially for those of you who have started married life.

In order to avoid financial related fights, you need to know specific tips for solving financial problems.

You as a wise person do not want to linger in life in a financial crisis. From now on, let’s change! This is for the welfare of life today and in the future.

Try to apply some steps below to improve financial conditions and be resistant to the crisis.

1. Create a Priority Need List Starting from the Need for Eating and Drinking

The first step you need to do is create a priority list. This list contains what you will need for a month. With the list of priorities, the financial condition can be controlled.

Within a month, try to buy only what items have been listed in the priority list. Do not let anyone stray.

Resist the desire to buy unneeded items. Remember, you already have a list of priorities and obey the list that has been made until the financial condition is fully restored.

2.Ada Discount Create Priority Needs, Do not Waste it

Shopping do not come from shopping. Note also the discount shown. In every shopping center or supermarket or online marketplace, there are discounts given to customers.

The amount of discount given also varies according to the shop visited. Most discounts usually occur before the big days, such as Eid.

In addition to taking advantage of discount shopping items, do not forget also to take advantage of discounts offered when eating at the cafe or restaurant.

To attract the consumer, not a few cafes and restaurants that work with banks in terms of providing discounts by using credit cards. Make sure the credit card you are using includes a discount.

3. Shop for Minimal-Minimum, Save the Save

Shopping hobby can happen to anyone. Both men and women, both love to shop. Especially if there is a massive discount.

It’s like to buy all the groceries that are sold at a discount. However, what money is not enough.

For you shopaholic, try to reduce this shopping habits. Because this only makes you entangled in the financial crisis.

It’s OK to shop, but see needs. Buy things that really do not need what you want.

After that, think about whether the item will be used or not. After all, why buy stuff if the edges only become a display in the closet?

4.Function Cash Money As a Benchmark

To deal with the financial crisis, you need to check your wallet frequently. Wherever you go, get used to carrying cash. Do not spend too much on credit cards as this increases the appetite for increased spending.

If the money in the wallet is low, control lust. Do not let the money in the wallet go without a clear purpose even if only Rp 1,000.

Do not forget also to record all expenditures that occur, both large and small expenditure.

5. Discipline Is The Key Financial Conditions Can Be Okay

In the first step, it has been said to create a priority list. Again, try to focus on all the lists. You are the only person who can be disciplined on what has been made.

If you are easily tempted, try not to move too often from home. Rather than a list of ignored priorities and a financial crisis? Prefer which ones, stay at home or go have fun?

That’s five specific tips to restore the financial crisis so that later immune in case of crisis again.

You make the appetite increase, you are also able to overcome the shopping desire.

If not you who started it, who else? Hopefully the above tips can be useful for you. Hopefully the problem of financial crisis no longer blanket your life.

6 Ways to Save Working Clothes

It is good or not someone is not just judged by the way they dress. But that does not mean also you can be indifferent to this one. Especially if in the work environment. When you become a professional, appearance becomes important. How come? This indirectly supports your work performance. Because surely you often meet with the boss, co-workers, until the company’s clients. Surely the appearance should always be awake. For business and work, of course promo alfamart, formal clothing should always be in the closet. Consequently, you should set up a special budget for the shopping needs of this one. Do not worry, shopping formal clothing can also be frugal. Check out the following shopping tips from

1. Shop in a store that offers discounts

You do not need to spend a lot of money to buy formal clothing output of expensive boutiques that cost up to millions of dollars, unless your salary is large.

You can choose to shop at stores that are offering discounts or promos. Where to know promo alfamidi? Diligent check on the internet or follow your favorite social media brand media account. Can also often search for the latest credit card promo list list you use. Who knows there are discounts in certain fashion stores .

2. Prioritize to buy “outer”

Clothes Prioritize buying outfits like a good blazer, jacket, or vest rather than buying a costly formal shirt or trousers. Why promo carrefour?

Simply, buying an outfit such as a blazer or a suit will be more effective because it can be used more often than a shirt or shirt. Classic shapes and colors, will last longer.

Outlying can also serve to cover your work clothes that are all that. Mix with matching creative and you can look stylish every day.

3. Avoid buying formal clothes online

Buy formal clothing online may be cheaper, but you should not do. Why? Because the material of formal clothing is different from casual clothes.

Formal clothing material obviously can not be stretched like a shirt or polo shirt . You should take measurements first to make sure that the clothes fit on the body. Especially if you want to buy is a pair of material.

It may not matter for you to buy online as long as you already know the size and the pieces well. But if not, you better take the time to go to the shopping center and buy formal clothes as you wish.

4. Choose the basic colors are neutral and easy to combine

In buying formal clothing, avoid choosing clothes with a bustling motif or style. In addition to being difficult to combine, clothing with a bustling motif actually looks less formal.

For the outcome, choose a light gray or old, dark blue, and black. As for the shirt, choose a light blue, pink pastel, white, or black.

If you want to buy a patterned formal shirt from promo giant, just choose a vertical or horizontal motif. But you must combine it with a plain jacket or blazer so as not too crowded.

5. Especially for men, do not underwear tie

Notice when choosing a tie from the side of the color or size. In the context of formal business attire, of course a long tie (necktie) you can choose, not a bowtie bow.

Choose a medium-sized tie to show a modern impression, and perfect for you who have a moderate or rather large body posture. The selection of large and wide ties is not recommended, because it can make you look like the fathers of the 1970s.

And when choosing a tie color, try to choose plain colors like black, blue, or olive green. What about red? Red is good, but there will be an “aggressive and ambitious” impression. Not everyone is fit to use a red tie.

For those who want a patterned tie, select only stripes or herringbone motif (fishbone), no need motives that are too quirky.

6. If you want to buy shoes, buy a leather

instead of buying imitation leather shoes, better out a little more funds to buy leather pantofel boots. Leather shoes are more durable, and will not peel or crack in a short time. Rather than buy cheap shoes but often, better buy once expensive but durable is not it?

In matters of choosing shoes, at least you have two color choices, namely black and dark brown. The black color harga promo will certainly look very formal. Adjust the shoe color you wear with a belt.

For business affairs, appearance affairs are crucial. So try to care for this promo indomaret yes. But keep shopping smart to keep the bag safe.

Changing the View of Home Without Cost

Rearrange your home design! This road is the easiest way to get a new look for your home without spending a dime. Rearrange the placement of furniture to get a new look and make the room look not only attractive but functioning as needed.

First, determine the function of the room itself. Before arranging and entering furniture first define what the purpose of the room. A beautiful but too formal family room will not be comfortably occupied. That means the room has lost its function. If for the family room, make it as comfortable as possible for a place to gather while relaxing with beloved family.

Place the first large furniture. Usually, this furniture will be the primary points that explain the function of the room, bed for the room, sofa for the family room for example.

Add complementary furniture

Bedside next to the bed, tv in front of the sofa, add a complimentary furniture that has a relationship with the main furniture of the room. Different sizes of furniture can add variety to the room. Too many lines can cause boredom, too much hard furniture can make an uncomfortable appearance.

Note also the surface of the furniture, a too much shiny surface can create chaos in the whole space. Too many things made of steel and stainless steel can make the room look cool, vary by adding a few warm elements such as wood.

Finally, add space accessories that can also double. Add also different colors with the dominant color of your room. Give personal touches like your favorite colors on sofa cushions, your paintings in the living room, and so on.

Look and consider again!

Now, once all the furniture is in place, sit back and look back, imagine you’re on the move in that room. Is it comfortable? Will the cabinet be opened? Is the TV clearly visible from the sofa? Can both sides of the bed be accessible? If everything is settled, then congratulations you’ve got a new look for your home!

Bedroom Interior Design Suits Your Personality

A bedroom should be the most comfortable place in your home because 1/3 of your life is spent in the bedroom to sleep. How to make your bedroom interior design comfortable and still beautiful to look at but still by your personality? The only person who will enjoy the bedroom is your own. So make your bedroom interior design according to your personality. Here are some tips to make your bedroom interior design comfortable and of course by your character.

Wall paint

The first thing that most affect the atmosphere in the bedroom is the paint color of the walls. Do you include “morning person” who like to wake up in the morning to move or “evening person” who like the atmosphere of the night? If you include the evening person, then the color of the wall paint that suits you is warm shades of brown, blue, and green are known for its soothing effect. Choose colors that are monochrome or colorful. For example select the color variations between dark brown to light brown.

If you are the type of morning person, then the color you need is a bright and bright color. You will feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning and see bright colors like yellow and red. But remember, do not just choose a color that is too bright. Combine it with a neutral color like white to stifle some of the striking colors.


Divide the color you have chosen into three parts. 60% dominant color, 30% second color, and 10% color to three. The dominant color will be the color of your wall paint, the second color will be the color used on your bedding, and the last will be the color of the accessories in your bedroom, such as the desk lamp or picture frame.


Clean your room with things that do not matter. Make the objects that are in the bedroom used to the maximum in your bedroom. For example, TV, if you often have trouble sleeping at night, you should avoid putting a TV in the bedroom. TV in the bedroom resulted in you being tense so do not want to relax and sleepy. If you still want a TV in the bedroom should put the TV a bit hidden and not too flashy.

Rearrange your furniture

Move the furniture layout in your room. The easiest way to get a fresh feeling in your bedroom. This fresh and new feeling that will lead you to sleep more soundly with a comfortable feeling.

With some of the above changes, your bedroom will look different and undoubtedly comfortable because it is by your wishes. Happy to be creative and dont forget to visit our reference musikji !

Achieve Success with Feng Shui in Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where you spend a lot of your time to rest and calm down after working all day. Make your bedroom comfortable and can bring success by applying the principles of Feng Shui in your bedroom.

Feng Shui can be applied in any room, but the most effective is to use it in your home. In the bedroom, Feng Shui is useful to replace the ugly energy in the place. Set aside some time to rearrange your bedroom with some basic simple Feng Shui to refresh your soul.

To create harmony in your bedroom, start by drawing your bedroom in a box shape and divide it into nine equal small squares. The bottom of the box is the place where there is your bedroom entrance. The bottom begins with “knowledge-career-helpful people / travel”, the second or middle part begins with “family / health-Tao / center-creativity / children“. The top section contains “Prosperity-reputation-relationship / romance“. Your image will look like the example above.

Now that you’ve drawn and divided your bedroom, you can fill the space accessories according to the words written earlier. You can improve the quality of your bedroom and achieve success by following this Feng Shui principle.

The ‘knowledge’ area is where to place bookshelves, books, writing desks, and everything related to the knowledge there.

The ‘career’ area can be represented by providing water-related accessories such as a small aquarium. In Chinese, the word fish (yu) is the same as the word success. Other options You can use mirrors, images, or photos that can inspire you to achieve your goals.

Area ‘helpful people/travel’ fill with family pictures or people who have been instrumental in your life.

The ‘family/health’ area can be demonstrated by giving family generations, valuables in your family, or family photos, and a vase of flowers or small plant pots.

The ‘creativity/children‘ area fills with your art and personal items.

The areas of “prosperity” filled with everything related to various symbols of prosperity such as jewelry, fish, gifts, gold, purple, red and money.

The ‘reputation’ areas filled with the various awards you’ve achieved, certificates, orange, purple, red or plant and candle items.

The ‘relationship/romance‘ area is the place to put everything related to your dear ones. All are pink, photographs, items that are two like candles or mirrors.

How To Combat Halitosis Naturally

Unfortunately, halitosis, that is, the malodorous breath is a very common problem in our day, perhaps even more than we can think.

This must certainly be eliminated definitively and not covered, as usual, using mint or mint candies that save us the face when we are at work!

But there is nothing more wrong. In fact, according to experts when we eat the candy or put the chewing gum to the teeth, it does nothing but nourishes the bacteria that our mouth hosts.

Halitosis is often more often caused by insufficient oral hygiene or by what we eat. The best thing to do to keep your breath is to drink plenty of water every day, about 2 liters. Even a few cup of tea is very suitable.

Another natural remedy of no small importance is represented by our saliva. In fact, it contains a high percentage of oxygen, which is one of the main enemies of anaerobic bacteria; the more saliva is generated, the more breath is fresh; even foods that present water can be of help with the same purifying effect. According to scholars it is important to have breakfast every morning (as this stimulates the ability of our oral cavity to produce saliva), after always brush your teeth (always do it after the main meals of the day) and drinks plenty of water during the day! If the problem does not resolve, maybe it would be better to contact your family doctor to investigate in depth the causes of your bad breath.

How to combat halitosis naturally.

Unfortunately, halitosis, that is, the malodorous breath is a very common problem in our day, perhaps even more than we can think.

This must certainly be eliminated definitively and not covered, as usual, using mint or mint candies that save us the face when we are at work!

But there is nothing more wrong. In fact, according to experts when we eat the candy or put the chewing gum to the teeth, it does nothing but nourishes the bacteria that our mouth hosts.

Halitosis is often more often caused by insufficient oral hygiene or by what we eat. The best thing to do to keep your breath is to drink plenty of water every day, about 2 liters. Even a few cup of tea is very suitable.

Another natural remedy of no small importance is represented by our saliva. In fact, it contains a high percentage of oxygen, which is one of the main enemies of anaerobic bacteria; the more saliva is generated, the more breath is fresh; even foods that present water can be of help with the same purifying effect. According to scholars it is important to have breakfast every morning (as this stimulates the ability of our oral cavity to produce saliva), after always brush your teeth (always do it after the main meals of the day) and drinks plenty of water during the day! If the problem does not resolve, maybe it would be better to contact your family doctor to investigate in depth the causes of your bad breath.

10 Simple Decorating Tips for Home Stay

Bored with the appearance of your home or apartment, but no more budget to renovate? Here are ten simple decorating tips to create a new atmosphere in your house or apartment.

1. Wallpaper your door. Not just for the wall, try to paste the wallpaper on your door leaf for a playful impression once entering your room door.

2. Polaroid Decoration. Collect your old and new photos and paste them on a board that is shaped to your liking. For example like the picture above, polaroid photos are formed into the heart. In addition to beautiful, this collection of photos will always remind you of the cheerful atmosphere that caught the camera in the pictures.

3. Impromptu bookcase. Use right places to store your magazine collection. No longer should you leave the budget to buy a cabinet, if you still love to throw away the stack of magazines you live tuck on the empty display rack that is in your home. The key, use the rest of the place as much as possible.

4. Cloth framed. These tips are handy for you who rent a house or apartment. If you are lazy to buy paintings for display because later there is no storage, then the solution is to replace the paintings with patterned cloth or framed wallpaper and then on display. Viola! Beautiful and unique decoration for your home!

5. Board of creations. For those of you who quickly get tired of the decorations at home, try to place a chalkboard on the wall of your house. Periodically replace the existing image on the board as you see fit. The atmosphere of the house feels different every time.

6. Headboard motif. If your headboard is made of wood, try varying it by pasting the wallpaper in your headboard. Choose the motive that you like and if you get bored life off wallpaper and then replaced with other motives. If your bed is not using a headboard, draw a line outline like a headboard and paste the wallpaper to your wall according to the outline you’ve made.

7. Seat variations. Chairs for your dining room should not always be the same shape. Try to combine with other chairs in your home. The look of the dining table feels different and interesting, is not it?

8. Favorite Corner. Put together things you like in one place. You can put on the wall and frame or spot in the corner of the display cabinet in the living room or living room. Room accessories that have personal value for you.

9. One color palette. Specify the same color palette for your room accessories and place it in one corner of your cupboard or nightstand. Accessories you can choose and combine ranging from bracelets, photo frames, candles, or souvenirs from your closest friends as long as it remains a color palette.

10. Choose a striking color for your room and combine it with some pure art around it. No need to make a lot of money to paint the walls, just select one of your furniture and decorate with striking colors to be your focal point of the room. The result is an exciting new look.

5 Simple Interior Design Tips for Apartments

The apartment has become the most appropriate choice for living in the city of Jakarta. The main consideration in choosing an apartment is, of course, its location adjacent to the workplace, full 24-hour security, and various other facilities. The various attractive facilities offered by the apartment is what makes the apartment a new trend in choosing a place to live.

But there is also the weakness of the apartment that can make you think again to decide to choose an apartment for a place to live. The lack of spacious apartments is usually a major obstacle in determining your choice. Do not worry because the following are some simple tips from a professional interior designer apartment that you can apply to the apartment so that your dream apartment can look spacious, neat, and comfortable to live in.

Create a large space

As much as possible create a spacious room without a partition at your apartment. Combine several public rooms such as living room, dining room, and pantry. The deep impression will be directly obtained when entering your apartment.


Dark color choices like black will make the room feel heavy. Tips suggested by some interior designers is to avoid the use of dark colors and replace it with bright colors like white and pastel to create a bright and spacious impression. If you still want a dark color, apply only on one wall or just use black for furniture and room accessories.

Intermediate connector elements

Another tip suggested by the interior designer apartment is looking for a liaison between one room and another. For example, use the floor with the same motif or material. The use of one element of the same interior in some rooms will make the impression together and make the room in the apartment looks large and spacious in one unit.

Clean cut

Furniture also has an important role in making the atmosphere of the apartment interior looks clean and tidy. In choosing furniture to try to choose furniture with pieces or shapes are neat and clean. Choose furniture with corners and materials that are neat and do not have many decorative elements.

Accessories or Decorations

The apartment will look more attractive with additional decor elements, but remember to choose a simple room accessory. Painting can be the right choice as a decorative element that can also serve as an accent or focal point in your apartment. Choose paintings with bright colors to add a festive impression to your apartment.

If you still have other questions and concerns, it would not hurt you to contact the services of a professional interior designer to design the interior of your apartment. Contact some of the interior designers of choice from interior design who can certainly offer a variety of interior design solutions the most suitable apartment for you.

4 Monochrome Color Advantages for Home Interior

Having a house with the concept of interior design by the desire is the desire of many people. But, not infrequently you meet homeowners who until now still not satisfied with the design or model of the house that they live now.

Before feeling disappointed like them, you should think carefully how to design the interior of your desired home. Interior Design.I can provide some interesting ideas for you. For example, using the interior design with a monochrome theme is still warm discussed by various circles. Monochrome colors were able to drug many people and change the theme of a colorful house to monochrome.

Perhaps because it is still a trend, no wonder if many people who finally change the look of their home interior design with monochrome color. What is monochrome color? Does it fit the minimalist home interior design I want? Below you will find advantages and full explanations why you should use monochrome colors for your dwelling!

Monochrome Color

This color is not a combination of color today, because from the first monochrome color is often used. What is meant by monochrome colors are the colors associated with black and white. So you can imagine your home interior design will have an exciting look with just this two neutral color combination!

Why is Monochrome Theme Very Interesting and Popular for Home Interior Design?

Several things become the reason why nowadays many people love the home interior design with monochrome theme. Here are the advantages of monochrome ideas expressed by monochrome color lovers.

1. More comfortable

Which makes monochrome is currently preferred by many people is because the black and white color this can cause the atmosphere to be comfortable. Especially for those who like calmness, design with monochrome colors will give a peaceful and calm feel in their home. There used to be not many homes that use interior design with an atmosphere like this. So no wonder if since its emergence in recent years this makes many people feel curious, try, and satisfied with the results of this monochrome color.

2. Impressed spacious

The second reason is the monochrome color can make the house look more spacious. By the minimalist concept of advanced functionality, pure monochrome color is perfect for use. Monochrome color can be combined with matching transparent glass that increasingly emphasizes the concept of the minimalist home looks spacious and comfortable.

3. Unique patterns become interesting

When used indoors, monochrome colors can be made more varied by the way they are made in unique and interesting patterns. This pattern or motif can make a room seem very lively and beautiful to be seen even though only made from 2 colors just. Moreover, black and white color is very contrast, one side looks calm, but one side seems brighter. If you can create an interesting concept or pattern, then be an interior space filled with monochrome accents.

4. Looks modern and charming

Although it looks only black and white, the existence of color monochrome paint is considered modern. And if you look back, monochrome color trends have been there before but now start life again. Therefore do not be surprised if many people who change the theme of their home with a simple monochrome color but comfortable to look it.

12 Beautiful and Functional Pavilion Design For Your Home

Pavilion, a small house which is usually located next to the main house we often encounter in the old buildings of Dutch colonial era. At that time the pavilion house was used for the servants working in the house.

Because the more here, the pavilion house becomes a style for some people who have large land. The use of the pavilion itself is also evolving and diverse, in addition to providing privacy to homeowners to workers and guests as well as to place a hobby that requires extensive space.

This homed idea book will give you 12 beautiful, functional pavilion designs for your home area. Enjoy.

1. The walls are white and neat

Clean and neat white walls with black frame glass doors, simple design and full of modern understanding. On the green ornament side, the whole room looks very complete.

2. With glass and skylights

This small pavilion is fitted with many glass doors and skylights, practical indoor intervals.

3. Mini cabin

The mini cabin is a cost-effective option and can be used as a garden cottage or home theater room.

4. Bungalow

This large house has two bungalows, looks very stylish and offers a comfortable guest room. Pavilion like this requires a relatively high cost. But the benefits are designed to be durable, perfect for you who live in the tourist area and provide as a place of lodging.

5. Small house on the roof

The beautiful little house built on the roof / terrace has good quality, bright and stylish, equipped with wooden deck for placing plants, ornaments or bicycles.

6. Unique asymmetric

This mini house, although it has a small size, but has a very creative look, the contrast of both sides of the wall design is very eye-catching.

7. Minimalist

House with a minimalist design, surrounded by a terrace, can be used to place outdoor furniture or bicycles.

8. Cottage cottage

The built cottage is perfectly connected to the main house with a double-decker system, and you will be free to engage in privacy.

9. Simple

Adjacent to the outdoor park filled with garden scaffolding, a wonderful addition to this cottage is not inferior.

10. Modern hut

Modern long huts and wooden decks, are a very personal choice.

11. With a tent

Homes equipped with stylish telescopic tents, either good or bad days can make everyone enjoy the beautiful time in the garden.

12. With a minimalist bathroom

Here is a simple bathroom with high ceiling. If you want to add more details on the bathroom this will certainly be charged by the designer.